29th .S.C. Junior Match Play Championship
C.C. of Orangeburg     Orangeburg, S.C.
July 14, 2006
Final Results

Orangeburg, SC-- Never trailing in any of his first 5 matches, Clint Tolleson of Spartanburg found himself 3 down after 5 holes.  He then battled back against McCuen Elmore of Cheraw and won the tenth hole to bring the match back to all square.  Tolleson, a 17 year old rising high school junior, then won the 14th and 16th hole to take a 2 up lead.  Tolleson then won the SC Junior Match Play when he and Elmore halved the 17th hole.  Elmore, a 17 year old rising senior, played well all week, but just could not get the ball to fall in the championship match.  Both players will be invited to be members of the Carolinas Junior team that will compete against the Virginias junior team on August 19 and 20 at Chapel Hill CC in Chapel Hill, NC.  This annual junor championship is conducted by the Carolinas Golf Association.


Round of 64

Upper Bracket:

(DC) Drew Ernst, Seneca, SC def. (80) D.J. Creed, Camden, SC, 2&1

(76) Cory Richards, Florence, SC def. (75) Michael Kozlowski, Fort Mill, SC, 23 holes

(73) AJ Andrews, Orangeburg, SC def. (78) Ryan Turner, Columbia, SC, Winner

(73) Mitchell Gray, Florence, SC def. (77) Nick Williams, Simpsonville, SC, 4&2

(79) Stephen Holmes, Chapin, SC def. (70) Kyle Bearden, Barnwell, SC, Default

(74) Cipriano Ayala, North Myrtle Beach, SC def. (77) Daniel Podiak, Mount Pleasant, SC, 4&3

(70) Sims Tompkins, Columbia, SC def. (79) Russ Gillig, Simpsonville, SC, 6&5

(74) Reid Schwartz, Sumter, SC def. (77) Thomas Walker, Blythewood, SC, 20 holes

(80) Matthew Brosman, Hilton Head Island, SC def. (68) Ross Tooley, Mount Pleasant, SC, 2&1

(76) Brandon Truesdale, Winnsboro, SC def. (75) Phillip Knezevich, Lancaster, SC, 4&3

(71) Hunter Watkins, Blythewood, SC def. (78) Travis Cashion, Columbia, SC, 3&1

(74) Bryan Newton, Gray Court, SC def. (77) Will Carnes, Greenville, SC, 4&3

(68) Thomas Bradshaw, Columbia, SC def. (79) Patrick Lundy, Little River, SC, 3&1

(75) Cody Ward, Sumter, SC def. (76) Walt Todd, Laurens, SC, 21 holes

(71) Clint Tolleson, Spartanburg, SC def. (78) Hayden Letien, Sumter, SC, 2&1

(77) Ben Lown, North Augusta, SC def. (74) Zachary Capps, Easley, SC, 22 holes

Lower Bracket:

(68) Wesley Bryan, Chapin, SC def. (80) Grant Funderburk, Spartanburg, SC, 5&4

(76) Christopher Lane, Hilton Head Island, SC def. (75) TJ Asbill, Leesville, SC, 6&5

(78) Gordon Gulledge, Greenville, SC def. (72) Aj Sanders, Hartsville, SC, 1 up

(73) Chris Marsh, Georgetown, SC def. (77) Evan Phillips, Lexington, SC, 3&2

(70) Logan Daber, Hilton Head Island, SC def. (79) Jordan Headden, Swansea, SC, 7&6

(74) J B Murphy, Columbia, SC def. (76) Corbin Mills, Easley, SC, 4&3

(70) Mccuen Elmore, Cheraw, SC def. (79) Ryan Phillips, Camden, SC, 3&1

(74) Martin Summer, Newberry, SC def. (77) Dewey Oxner IV, Greenville, SC, 19 holes

(68) John Bridwell, Greer, SC def. (80) Mark Joye, Columbia, SC, 2&1

(75) Harold Turner, Sumter, SC def. (76) Hayden Echols, Pendleton, SC, 1 up

(72) Will Ovenden, Spartanburg, SC def. (78) Jamie Daniel, Taylors, SC, 8&7

(73) Jacob Burger, Orangeburg, SC def. (77) Kyle McGill, Chapin, SC, 4&3

(68) Michael Muscatell, Lake Wylie, SC def. (79) Collin Witiak, Columbia, SC, 5&3

(75) Brett Wyman, Simpsonville, SC def. (76) Austin Parks, Mount Pleasant, SC, 2&1

(71) Brewer Bradshaw, Columbia, SC def. (79) Dalton Ward, Sumter, SC, 8&7

(74) Chip Ridley, Spartanburg, SC def. (77) Chad Siefert, Simpsonville, SC, 4&3


Round of 32

Upper Bracket:

Ernst def. Richards, 1 up

Gray def. Andrews, 2&1

Ayala def. Holmes, 1 up

Tompkins def. Schwartz, 3&2

Truesdale def. Brosman, 7&6

Watkins def. Newton, 6&5

Bradshaw def. Ward, 4&3

Tolleson def. Lown, 22 holes

Lower Bracket:

Bryan def. Lane, 3&2

Marsh def. Gulledge, 1 up

Daber def. Murphy, 2 up

Elmore def. Summer, 3&2

Bridwell def. Turner, 1 up

Burger def. Ovenden, 1 up

Muscatell def. Wyman, 5&4

Bradshaw def. Ridley, 3&2


Round of 16

Upper Bracket:

Gray def. Ernst, 2 up

Tompkins def. Ayala, 1 up

Truesdale def. Watkins, Default

Tolleson def. Bradshaw, 3&2

Lower Bracket:

Bryan def. Marsh, 3&2

Elmore def. Daber, 2&1

Burger def. Bridwell, 5&4

Bradshaw def. Muscatell, 5&4



Upper Bracket:

Gray def. Tompkins, 2&1

Tolleson def. Truesdale, 4&2

Lower Bracket:

Elmore def. Bryan, 2&1

Burger def. Bradshaw, 1 up



Tolleson def. Gray, 5&4

Elmore def. Burger, 1 up



Tolleson def. Elmore, 2&1


29th S.C. Junior Girls' Match Play Championship
C.C. of Orangeburg   Orangeburg, S.C
July 14, 2006
Final Results


Orangeburg, SC--  Rachel Uremovich of Hilton Head Island captured the Jane Crum Covington championship trophy by defeating Maureen Dunnagan of Lexington, 6&4 in the finals of the S.C. Junior Girls' Match Play Championship at C.C. of Orangeburg.  Uremovich, 15 year old rising high school sophomore at Hilton Head Prep, missed one green in regulation in her championship match.  Dunnagan, a 14 year oldrising high school freshman, fought back on the early holes on the back side, but Uremovich won number 13 and then number 14 to close out the match.  Both players will be invited to play on the Carolinas Junior girls team that will compete against a team of girls from Virginia and Maryland in the Mid-Atlantic Challenge, August 5 and 6 at Independence C.C. in Richmond, Virginia. 


Round of 16

Upper Bracket:

(69) Casey Kennedy, Lexington, SC def. (91) Morgan Webber, Moore, SC, 8&7

(82) Danielle Dunnagan, Lexington, SC def. (81) Collins Bradshaw, Columbia, SC, 4&2

(75) Rachel Uremovich, Hilton Head Island, SC def. (84) Sarah Herbert, Anderson, SC, 6&5

(75) Carmen Jones, Orangeburg, SC def. (84) Elizabeth Freeman, Anderson, SC, 4&3

Lower Bracket:

(74) Alex Rankin, Anderson, SC def. (86) Lauren Tomlinson, Greeleyville, SC, 4&2

(83) Haley Stephens, Greer, SC def. (79) Anna Martin, Piedmont, SC, 2 up

(75) Austin Ernst, Seneca, SC def. (86) Torey Johnson, Moore, SC, 5&3

(77) Maureen Dunnagan, Lexington, SC def. (84) Tracy Cobb, Blythewood, SC, 7&5



Upper Bracket:

Kennedy def. Dunnagan, 1 up

Uremovich def. Jones, 5&3

Lower Bracket:

Stephens def. Rankin, 3&1

Dunnagan def. Ernst, 1 up



Uremovich def. Kennedy, 5&4

Dunnagan def. Stephens, 19 holes



Uremovich def. Dunnagan, 6&4