33rd S.C. Junior Match Play Championship

Camden C.C.     Camden, SC

July 9, 2010


Final Results



Camden, SC-If at first you don’t succeed, try again.  That is just what Cody Proveaux of Leesville did winning the 33rd SC Junior Match Play Championship at Camden CC in Camden, SC.  Proveaux, a rising high school junior, finished as the runner up in last year’s championship, but left no doubt this year moving easily through his matches to reach the championship match.  In the championship match, Proveaux faced a tough opponent in Hayden Garrett of Easly, but after a small stumble on the first hole, bounced back and captured his first Carolinas Golf Association title defeating Garrett, 5&4.  Proveaux will be invited to represent the Carolinas in the Carolinas-Virginias Junior Team matches in August.


In the girls’ championship, Collins Bradshaw of Columbia took the title defeating Morgan Webber of Moore in the championship match 2&1.  The match was a see saw affair with each young lady taking no more than a one up lead at any time in the match.  Bradshaw birdied the par five fourteenth hole to even up the match and then won the fifteenth hole for a one up lead.  Both players then pared the par three sixteenth.  On the seventeenth hole, both players missed the green and when Webber missed a three footer, it was all over and Collins was crowned the champion.


This annual junior championship is conducted by the Carolinas Golf Association.


Girls’ Championship

Round of 32

Upper Bracket:

(DC) Elizabeth Thompson, Charleston, SC def. (91) Virginia Lesslie, Columbia, SC, 3&2

(85) Kalie Goodman, Easley, SC def. (85) Kathryn Miranda, Lexington, SC, 20 holes

(82) Morgan Webber, Moore, SC def. (88) Elizabeth Hill, Gaston, SC, 6&4

(88) Katy Funk, Spartanburg, SC def. (82) Mary Chandler Bryan, Chapin, SC, 4&2

(78) Louise Oxner, Greenville, SC def. (89) Cayla Smith, Easley, SC, 4&2

(83) Shelby Winters, Mount Pleasant, SC def. (87) Mary Catherin Ligon, Chester, SC, 2&1

(78) Torey Johnson, Moore, SC def. (89) Eden Howard, Lamar, SC, 3&2

(88) Chelsey Couch, Ware Shoals, SC def. (83) Grace Glaze, Clemson, SC, 2 up

Lower Bracket:

(72) Katelyn Dambaugh, Goose Creek, SC def. (90) Kristi Goodman, Easley, SC, 3&2

(85) Samantha Buchanan, Bluffton, SC def. (84) Lauren Dunbar, Columbia, SC, 21 holes

(89) Lauren Stephenson, Lexington, SC def. (81) Taylor Dodson, Aiken, SC, 2&1

(83) Nicole Chin, Irmo, SC def. (88) Leah Stephens, Greer, SC, 4&3

(78) McKenzie Talbert, North Augusta, SC def. (90) Madi Mae West, Anderson, SC, 8&7

(84) Rachel Wyatt, Blythewood, SC def. (86) Rachel Moore, Lexington, SC, 1 up

(79) Collins Bradshaw, Columbia, SC def. (89) Claire Brown, Hartsville, SC, 1 up

(83) Anna Jenkins, Rock Hill, SC def. (88) Cynthia Smith, York, SC, 3&2


Round of 16

Upper Bracket:

Goodman def. Thompson, 3&2

Webber def. Funk, 3&2

Oxner def. Winters, 22 holes

Johnson def. Couch, 4&3

Lower Bracket:

Dambaugh def. Buchanan, 4&3

Stephenson def. Chin, 2&1

Talbert def. Wyatt, 7&6

Bradshaw def. Jenkins, 4&3



Upper Bracket:

Webber def. Goodman, 5&3

Johnson def. Oxner, 7&6

Lower Bracket:

Dambaugh def. Stephenson, 5&3

Bradshaw def. Talbert, 19 holes



Webber def. Johnson, 1 up

Bradshaw def. Dambaugh, 1 up



Bradshaw def. Webber, 2&1


Boys’ Championship

Round of 64

Upper Bracket:

(68) John Schaffer, Sumter, SC def. (80) Cameron Lamb, Easley, SC, 4&3

(75) Zachary Casto, Columbia, SC def. (75) Austin Frick, Myrtle Beach, SC, 4&2

(72) Adam Goins, Gaffney, SC def. (77) Austin Castles, Anderson, SC, 5&4

(77) Weston Bell, Piedmont, SC def. (72) Bobby Few, Lugoff, SC, 3&1

(78) Miles Curley, Rock Hill, SC def. (71) Andrew Harvey, Murrells Inlet, SC, 5&3

(74) Ben Fogler, Elgin, SC def. (76) William Godfrey, Columbia, SC, 3&2

(71) Alan McLeod, Mount Pleasant, SC def. (78) Alex Evans, Rock Hill, SC, 3&2

(74) Landon Coontz, Aiken, SC def. (76) Will Graves, Rock Hill, SC, 5&4

(79) Ford Blanchard, Orangeburg, SC def. (70) Blake Kennedy, Moore, SC, 4&3

(76) Trey Taylor, Gaffney, SC def. (75) Jackson Moore, Isle of Palms, SC, 3&2

(72) Carson Joye, Columbia, SC def. (78) Will Starke, Chapin, SC, 3&2

(76) Chandler Brazeal, Aiken, SC def. (73) Caulder Moore, Isle of Palms, SC, 4&3

(71) Andrew Ward, York, SC def. (79) Sawyer Mills, Easley, SC, 3&2

(75) Ronnie Funk, Spartanburg, SC def. (76) Julian Keur, North Charleston, SC, 3&2

(72) Hayden Garrett, Easley, SC def. (78) Lucas Harper, Clover, SC, 7&6

(76) Bryce Howell, Blythewood, SC def. (74) Eric Eberspeaker, Rock Hill, SC, 19 holes

Lower Bracket:

(70) Cody Proveaux, Leesville, SC def. (80) Brad Thorne, Moore, SC, 4&2

(75) Zane Price, Aynor, SC def. (75) Adam Garrett, Easley, SC, 2&1

(72) Wesley Long, Bluffton, SC def. (77) Parker Mills, Easely, SC, 5&4

(73) Wick Andrews, Columbia, SC def. (77) Preston Cole, Greer, SC, 3&2

(71) Austin Langdale, Townville, SC def. (78) Jarrett Swan, Mount Pleasant, SC, 2&1

(76) Christopher Finke, Rock Hill, SC def. (74) Taylor Zoller, North Charleston, SC, 3&2

(78) Drew McElveen, Murrells Inlet, SC def. (71) Bruce Michaels, Pawleys Island, SC, 1 up

(76) CJ Liner, North Augusta, SC def. (74) Ben Miller, Jefferson, SC, 1 up

(70) Carson Young, Pendleton, SC def. (80) Christop Fitzsimons, Columbia, SC, 6&5

(75) Brannan Hudson, Columbia, SC def. (75) Grant Waggoner, North Charleston, SC, 2 up

(78) Nick Eberhardt, Fort Mill, SC def. (72) Sam Jackson III, Pelion, SC, 20 holes

(77) Bradley Tedstone, Simpsonville, SC def. (73) Ryan Reynolds, Lugoff, SC, 19 holes

(71) Joshua Lorenzetti, Blythewood, SC def. (79) Cory Spaulding, Lugoff, SC, 19 holes

(74) Ethan Parrish, York, SC def. (76) Hayes Lanford, Greenwood, SC, 1 up

(72) Caleb Sturgeon, Laurens, SC def. (78) Jonathan Hardee, Greer, SC, 1 up

(74) Jon Weiss II, Sumter, SC def. (76) Joshua Rogers, Lexington, SC, 4&2


Round of 32

Upper Bracket:

Casto def. Schaffer, 4&3

Goins def. Bell, 1 up

Curley def. Fogler, 4&3

McLeod def. Coontz, 19 holes

Blanchard def. Taylor, 6&4

Brazeal def. Joye, 3&2

Ward def. Funk, 1 up

Garrett def. Howell, 3&1

Lower Bracket:

Proveaux def. Price, 7&5

Andrews def. Long, 1 up

Finke def. Langdale, 20 holes

McElveen def. Liner, 1 up

Young def. Hudson, 4&3

Tedstone def. Eberhardt, 1 up

Lorenzetti def. Parrish, 3&1

Sturgeon def. Weiss II, 5&3


Round of 16

Upper Bracket:

Goins def. Casto, 6&5

Curley def. McLeod, 2&1

Blanchard def. Brazeal, 1 up

Garrett def. Ward, 22 holes

Lower Bracket:

Proveaux def. Andrews, 4&3

Finke def. McElveen, 2&1

Tedstone def. Young, 3&1

Sturgeon def. Lorenzetti, 19 holes



Upper Bracket:

Goins def. Curley, 19 holes

Garrett def. Blanchard, 4&3

Lower Bracket:

Proveaux def. Finke, 5&4

Sturgeon def. Tedstone, 5&4



Garrett def. Goins, 7&6

Proveaux def. Sturgeon, 4&3



Proveaux def. Garrett, 5&4