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Why does the CGA need a capital campaign?

“Setting the Course” is an endeavor to raise funds to construct Carolinas Golf House, a headquarters which will include a Carolinas Golf Legacy Museum, an educational center, staff offices, a junior golf area and other golf growth initiatives.

The campaign also will provide reliable funding for the grow-the-game programs, focusing on junior initiatives, and turfgrass management services that are overseen by the Carolinas Golf Foundation.

Why does the CGA need a new facility?

The CGA purchased its present building in West End, NC in 1991, moving from Clemmons, N.C.  During 19 years, the building has proved beneficial to the association’s growth of services but now is too small for association services and staff.

The CGA requires more meeting room, educational facilities, offices and space to improve our services and mission.  The CGA needs more space and better opportunities to serve! 

What is the financial need for the “Setting the Course” campaign?

The vision of the CGA Board of Directors is a $3 million plan to grow services and visibility of the game across the Carolinas. 

Our first goal is to locate and construct Carolinas Golf House in Southern Pines, North Carolina which will include a museum, educational areas and facilities, junior golf development, new office and space and ancillary areas. 

Additionally, the Carolinas Golf Foundation has identified a strategic goal to establish an endowment to support Carolinas Golf House, Golf Legacy Museum, scholarships, turfgrass maintenance and environment, and educational programs.

Has the CGA ever done a capital campaign? 

No.  Based on recent needs and growth, this is the first time in 101 years we have found a need for a capital campaign.  Let’s make it a good one!

What steps are involved in the design, drawings, construction and renovation?

The CGA Board of Directors will establish benchmark funding targets to approve each step of the project, including design and construction.  As each benchmark is met, the CGA will exercise fiduciary responsibility in bidding and contracting the most reputable and cost effective building team.

When will construction begin?

Work will begin as soon as sufficient capital is raised.  Construction of Carolinas Golf House and the Foundation Endowment could begin as early as mid year 2011.

Will funds be set aside for ongoing maintenance for Carolinas Golf House?

Yes.  Extra funds will be used for the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of Carolinas Golf House.

Are naming opportunities available?

Yes.  A list of rooms to be named and donation amounts are offered, including memorial giving.

What will my donation support?

Your contribution will help develop junior golf development programs, endow the Carolinas Golf Foundation, create educational areas, and provide new office space (Carolinas Golf House).

Will this effort be ongoing?

This campaign is a one-time effort, but annual, continued donations will be solicited for future Carolinas Golf Foundation and Association programs.

Will donation amounts be made public?

While the CGA may list general levels of giving in solicitation efforts, a donor request for anonymity will be accommodated.

Can I make gifts over a period of time?

Absolutely! The suggested way is to make donations over a three year period.  But other payment options are available.

May I give gifts other than cash?

Yes.  Stock and bond transfers, estate donations and other asset donations can be made in addition to or instead of cash donations. Contact the CGA for more information.

May I give “In-kind” gifts?

Yes.  "In-kind" support (such as contributions of equipment, supplies, or other property, as distinct from monetary grants) is part of the giving process along with, or in lieu of, cash grants.  In-kind gifts must be approved by the CGA Building Committee.