Levels of Giving


Permanent Campaign Gift Recognition Levels 


Gift Level Amount
Pinnacle $1,000,000
Eagle Club $500,000
Medalist $250,000
Founders $100,000
Honor Roll $50,000
Legacy Circle $25,000
Partner Society $10,000
Grand Slam $5,000
Benefactors $2,500
Carolinas $1,000
Ace $500
Brassie $250

Ways to Give

The suggested way to give is by making cash donations over a three year period.  But other payment options are available.

Other gifting options include stock and bond transfers, estate donations and other "In-kind" (such as contributions of equipment, supplies, or other property, as distinct from monetary grants)  asset donations can be made in addition to or instead of cash donations. Contact the CGA at 910-673-1000 for more information.


In-Kind Gift Donors