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GHIN Mobile App Enhancements Released to iPhone Users

Apple has approved the latest release of the GHIN mobile app and is now available for download or updating (if already installed). The same enhancements will be available for Android devices shortly. We will notify you once the app has been moved to the Google Play Store.

This round of enhancements includes:
1) Display of the golfers GHIN Number under their name. (Ability to see and edit certain contact information will be coming in a later version).
GHIN Number Displayed Under Golfer Name
2) Golfer’s most recent handicap card is accessible via a new button on the homepage. The idea is to use it like a boarding pass on a smartphone for occasions when the golfer is required to show a card (e.g., for tournament entry). In addition to score, score type and the “*” ( if it is used for the current USGA Handicap Index® Calculation), the month & year that the score was posted will also display. Lastly, columns and rows with shading have been added to improve readability for the end-user.
New Handicap Card Available on the GHIN Mobile App
3) Logic connected to posting a score that is outside the normal range has been corrected. With this release, if a score outside the normal range is posted the user will now receive the standard message, “The score posted is outside the golfer’s usual range.” User will then be able to tap the “Post Anyway” button and submit the score as expected.

4) The “Handicap Calculator” label has been changed to a more appropriate label “Calculator”.

5) Improved messaging to alert user that a task cannot be performed when an internet connection is not available has been added. “No internet connection. Task cannot be completed at this time. Please try again later.” The original message was, “Network Error – Unable to connect to GHIN.”

6) Other minor bug fixes.

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