Post a Score

CGA members have access to three ways to post a score:

  • Free GHIN® Mobile App
  • Posting kiosks located at participating golf courses.

The GHIN Mobile app is a convenient, fast, and easy way to record and track your scores, determine your Course Handicap™, and prove that you are a CGA Member. Download the app by searching the keyword “GHIN” on Google Play or the iTunes store.
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Handicap Index®

Do you know someone looking for a USGA Handicap Index?

Why would I need a Handicap Index?
To play in a member-guest, a pro-am, a county amateur, or a CGA tournament. Most of these require a USGA Handicap Index. If you belong to a CGA club, then you have a USGA Handicap Index as part of your CGA membership.

What is a Handicap Index?
A Handicap Index is a calculation of your scores, using the course and slope ratings of the tees you played. It's a way to compare your playing level against other golfers and make games fair.

Can I start a Handicap Index online?
Sure, but you have to be careful. Many websites offer "handicaps" that are not a Handicap Index. The USGA says you must belong to a club of golfers which is a group of individual players. Most websites will offer some kind of handicap calculation, but many do not use the WHS formula or place you in a club. The CGA has WHS-compliant Carolinas eClubs located throughout North and South Carolina.

Join a golf club?
Golf clubs are public, municipal, military, semi-private, and private. Joining one is easy. The Carolinas Golf Association can help you find a club. Click here to e-mail the CGA staff or Search for CGA Member Club.

GHIN® Mobile App

Download your free GHIN Mobile App.

The GHIN Mobile App is free and offers a personalized mobile experience allowing you to manage and follow your game with ease.

  • Post your score
  • View your official Handicap Index® 
  • View your most recent scores
  • Interactive Course Handicap™ Calculator
  • Handicap Index Lookup (GHIN #, Name & State)
  • my Courses Listing
  • News
  • View Tournament Calendars, View Pairings, Scores, and Results *
  • Sign up for Tournaments (must have or create a Golf Genius Player Profile)*
  • Get Partners Handicaps

*Clicking CGA Tournaments within the GHIN Mobile App takes you to Golf Genius via your phone's browser.

iPhone Users: (Click to download from iTunes) or search "GHIN Mobile" in the App Store
Installation Instructions: Mobile App Install

Android Users: (Click to download from Google Play) or search "GHIN Mobile" on Google Play
Installation Instructions: Mobile App Install

Handicap Index® Look Up

A golfer that has completed a Digital Profile may sign in on the GHIN app or at and look up fellow golfers. 

Course Handicap™ Calculator

Golfers may visit the USGA website or the GHIN app to calculate a Course Handicap for a particular tee set at a golf course.

  • On the USGA website, you will need to know the Course Rating™ and Slope Rating™ for the tee set at the golf course.
  • On the GHIN app, you will search for a golf course first and then select a tee set.

Maximum Hole Score

If you have yet to establish a value for your Handicap Index, the maximum hole score for posting purposes is par +5.

Once you have established your Handicap Index, the maximum hole score for posting purposes is a net double bogey.  Net double bogey is equal to par + 2 + any handicap strokes you receive based on your Course Handicap. 

For additional details, see Rule 3.1 in Rules of Handicapping or visit the USGA website.

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