Carolinas Golf Association
License Plate Program


License plates may be ordered in-person at North Carolina DMVs or online.   

The plate style is shown above and can also be personalized with 4 characters of your own choosing. A CGA plate is $30. Personalization costs an additional $30. 

$20 of each license plate fee will benefit the Carolinas Golf Association whose mission is to promote and to protect the game of golf in the Carolinas by providing competitions, education, support and benefits to clubs and golfers.  The fee will help continue the support of the Carolinas Golf House, which includes a heritage golf museum, educational areas and facilities, junior golf development programs, the Carolinas Golf Foundation, agronomic research, tournament and administrative offices.  Carolinas Golf House will be our "vehicle" to take amateur golf to the next level in the Carolinas.


CGA License Plate Program FAQ

If I order just the CGA plate, what will it look like?
The Special plate will resemble the plate icon at the top of this column. The four main characters on the plate will be numbers and your total plate number will be: # # # # CG.

How do I order a CGA License Plate?
The plate is registered with the DMV and available for purchase directly from their
site  or in-person at a NC DMV

Can I order a plate if I live outside North Carolina?
You may order a plate if you have a vehicle registered in the state of North Carolina. Your residency does not matter.

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