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A CGA Membership just got better! CGA Members now have access to a number of exclusive offers provided by our partners - just for you.
The CGA Member Perks Program  recently launched. Below is the list of partners participating in bringing these special discounts to you.

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4ORE Nutrition is the first supplement company formulated specifically by golfers for golfers. 4ORE has developed products that complement a healthy lifestyle which allows golfers to achieve their highest level of energy, focus, and hydration on and off the course. Trusted by PGA Tour players, our delicious powders are made from natural extracts and are designed to easily dissolve in water for the golfer on the go.

CGA Member Exclusive Offer:  30% off entire purchase

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Amy Sport is a niche that fuses fashion-forward style, high-performance, luxury fabrics and meticulous design to create athletic wear that is perfectly proportioned to fit and flatter petite women in all sizes. Amy Sport is a brand of women's athletic wear that will take you where ever your heart desires.

CGA Member Exclusive Offer:  20% off entire purchase

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Electric designs high-quality, innovative eyewear to empower dynamic lifestyles. And the styles and lenses are perfect for the links.

CGA Member Exclusive Offer: 20% off eyewear and accessories

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Ghost Golf products are designed with one single thought in mind – Make Golf Better! With products ranging from Patent Pending Magnetic Golf Towels, Tech Stretch Fit Belts, Golf Bags and Premium Golf Gloves, our products are exclusive, stylish, performance-based and fun.

CGA Member Exclusive Offer: 20% off performance-based golf products

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Drug-free pain relief on and off the course. Nothing slows you down more than pain and injury, whether you're headed out to the range or playing 18 holes. KT Tape is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and can be used for many common injuries. KT Tape has various products to accommodate golfers, including blister prevention and treatment, chafe, pain relief gel, and many more.

CGA Member Exclusive Offer: 20% off entire purchase

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Lag Shot, the #1 Swing Trainer in Golf, is being praised by Golf Digest Top 50 and Top 100 instructors as a true game-changer. With its weighted clubhead and whippy shaft, you will be able to groove a consistent golf swing that is in tempo and on plane, resulting in longer, accurate, and more solid shots.

CGA Member Exclusive Offer: 15% off of your entire purchase

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Motiv-8 products were scientifically formulated with you and your lifestyle in mind. Life is challenging. Distractions are everywhere. If you're looking for added energy to conquer the day, Motiv-8 will help you make it to the finish line, and hopefully still have something left in your tank.

CGA Member Exclusive Offer: 20% off health and wellness supplements

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Perfect Practice training aids are thoughtfully designed to inspire golfers to practice more...and practice better. They're guaranteed to help you lower your scores without changing anything else.

CGA Member Exclusive Offer: 15% off golf training aids

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Pins and Aces Golf Co. sets the new gold standard in golf apparel and accessories. Focusing on quality, hand made items assures the highest possible standards.

CGA Member Exclusive Offer: 15% off golf apparel and accessories

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Hyduro Inc., is revolutionizing the smart hydration space with the launch of the PÜL® SmartCap™, a first-of-its-kind, mobile-connected smart cap that utilizes real-time fluid tracking, metric-based daily goals, and intelligent reminders to optimize personal hydration. The PÜL® App and The PÜL® SmartCap™ have been carefully designed with a specific algorithm in mind to quantify and report longitudinal hydration and real-time hydration status.

CGA Member Exclusive Offer: Free color accessory kit with purchase of a  PÜL® SmartCap™

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Every detail of “The Book” was designed to help you save a shot under the most critical tournament situations. PuttView’s technology and attention to detail results in the most accurate book allowable under the Rules of Golf.

CGA Member Exclusive Offer: $20 off your entire purchase

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RADMOR is golf's first sustainable golf and lifestyle brand. We're focu sed on using natural fibers and reducing the impacts of microfiber shedding and landfill pollution. We're proud to partner with the PNW PGA in bringing a more sustainable future to golf apparel.

CGA Member Exclusive Offer: 20% off your purchase of sustainable golf apparel

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For over 30 years, Straight Down has built a brand that respects the tradition, history and spirit of golf. We live and breathe the game.

CGA Member Exclusive Offer: 20% off your purchase of Straight Down golf apparel

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Take your golf game to the next level. Discover how Therabody devices prime your body for precision, performance, and a more powerful swing. Theragun percussive therapy devices are designed to increase blood flow, relieve discomfort, and help reactivate fatigued muscles so the golfer can play their best.

CGA Member Exclusive Offer: Therabody giveaway bundles featuring a Theragun percussive device

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