CGA and TYGA Tournament Protocols (Updated January 19, 2022)

What to Expect at a CGA/TYGA Tournament in 2022
WITHDRAWALS: All withdrawals will be subject to the following policy.
-Any withdrawal the day prior to or the day of the tournament will not receive a refund. All other withdrawals are subject to a $30 admin fee
-Alternates/Waitlist: Full refund if the player/side does not gain entry into the tournament.
*For COVID-19 related withdrawals, please contact the CGA directly.

GOLF CARTS: The CGA will be conducting all tournaments utilizing golf carts with two riders per cart. Players may still have the option to walk (for the same entry fee paid) or withdraw.

PLAYER INFORMATION: There will be no physical scoreboard. Results will be posted online only via Golf Genius Software.  Please make sure your player profile has your correct cell number so that you receive text message updates.  Update your Golf Genius profile here

SCORECARDS:  Depending upon the type of tournament, different scoring and scorecard policies will be in effect.
-CGA Junior/TYGA Multi-DayTournaments: Paper scorecards will NOT be provided to competitors.  Players will use the USGA TM Digital Scorecards feature to act as a marker for another competitor, enter their own scores and marker notes, and review and certify scores after their round. Digital Scorecard Instructions
-TYGA One-Days/Tots:  Paper scorecards will be distributed at starting and returned in the defined scoring area with 2 signatures.
-Non-Junior CGA Tournaments: Paper scorecards will be distributed at starting and returned in the defined scoring area with 2 signatures. Players are still encouraged to keep and enter live scores via USGA TM, but they are not official. Enter Scores in Golf Genius Instructions

SUSPENSION of PLAY: In the event play is suspended, players should evacuate the course and wait in their vehicle in the parking lot. In the event a player does not have a vehicle to wait in, please see the CGA/TYGA staff. Updates about the resumption of play will be sent via text to the tournament field.

Before arriving at a CGA/TYGA tournament, please take these precautions:
HAVING SYMPTOMS OR TESTED POSITIVE for COVID-19:  Players who have symptoms or have tested positive should follow CDC Quarantine and Isolation Guidelines:
-Symptoms of COVID-19:
-What to do if You are Sick:  
CLOSE CONTACT POLICY: Players who have come in contact with someone showing symptoms or testing positive for COVID-19 should contact the CGA to withdraw and may reregister for another event again only if they meet the following criteria:
  • What counts as close contact? Close contacts are someone who was less than 6 feet away from an infected person (laboratory-confirmed or a clinical diagnosis) for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period. For example, three individual 5-minute exposures for a total of 15 minutes.
For more information on COVID-19 and CDC Guidelines here:
The Carolinas Golf Association and Tarheel Youth Golf Association will continue to act in the best interest of our members.  Our top priority is the safety of our players, volunteers, spectators, and host club personnel.

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