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Get to Know the 2020 CGA Interns

Britney Tyndall | Operations Intern | Fayetteville, NC

Hey, y’all! My name is Britney Tyndall and I go to Methodist University. I will be starting my junior year in August, I am currently studying Business Admin along with Professional Golf Management. Along with being in the PGM program, I am also on the women’s golf team at school. Being a PGM student I have to do internships every summer. This will be my second internship. The first one I worked with the North Texas PGA Section in Dallas, Texas putting on tournaments. I am very passionate about tournament operations and hope to take that as my career path after college. I am very excited to start working with the CGA and am looking forward to an amazing summer!

Career Goals: I am most interested in getting into the tournament operations side of the golf industry, whether that be becoming a tournament director or going down the rules officiating path.

Goals for this summer:

  • Gain more experience at various levels of tournament play
  • Become more confident when getting the chance to give rulings out on the course.
  • Have fun

Hobbies: Playing golf, working out, spending time with friends and family.


Palmer Thombs | Communications Intern | Nashville, TN

I am a second-year (will be going into my third year by the time of the internship) journalism major at the University of Georgia, also minoring in sports management and doing a certificate program studying sports media. I am from Nashville, Tennessee, where I spent my entire life before college. I currently work for 247Sports on their University of Georgia athletics website, Dawgs247, covering Georgia football, basketball and baseball. I have also done freelance work covering the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials for the Atlanta Track Club, been a regular podcast guest with Mark Rogers TV and Talkin' SEC, and was supposed be a credentialed media member at the 2020 Final Four in Atlanta in April. In my free time, I enjoy relaxing by watching sports or television shows and spending time with friends.

Career Goals: Potentially in the golf industry, focusing on the journalism/communications side of the industry, writing about the sport.

Goals for this summer:

  • I want to broaden my horizons in the sports journalism industry by learning how to write about a sport that I have not written about before.
  • I want to spend time with professionals and pick up on new and different ways/techniques that they approach a story idea.
  • I want to share stories of individuals that have great backgrounds but might not have been put on platforms where they stories could be told yet.
  • I want to learn how to use new tools that would be beneficial to my growth as a journalist.
  • I want to meet other individuals that are pursuing student journalism so that I can continue to build my network and support them in their journeys.

Hobbies: I enjoy watching sports and spending time with friends. I also like to write in my free time, oftentimes using it as a way to clear my thoughts.


Jessica Thornton | Communications Intern | Virginia Beach, VA

My name is Jessica Thornton. I am a third sports journalism major at the University of Georgia. I am from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Most people ask me how I found UGA and my answer is always the same, “How can you say no to Athens?” One of the best college towns in America, if I am not studying or covering games you can find me trying new restaurants in Athens. I have a list of over 75 in my phone I’m aiming to try before graduation! I have worked for multiple newspapers on campus and in the Athens area covering Georgia sports and high school sports. Georgia sports include women’s golf, softball, swim and dive and women’s basketball. As far as high school sports, I had the opportunity to cover Friday night football which I loved. This past semester I stretched out of my comfort zone and interned for the Peabody Awards. A lot of people don’t know what it exactly is- I describe it as the Grammy’s in the journalism world. I had the chance to write about pressing issues in today’s world, but of course had to find a way to relate it back to sports. I wrote articles for press releases/ publicizing the Peabody Awards that dealt with women in sports, race in sports and Fair Pay to Play.

Career Goals: My dream job is to work as a broadcaster/on air talent for Golf Channel or PGA Tour. I cannot imagine a better job than getting to cover golf for a living while traveling the world to do so.

Goals for this summer: I definitely am hoping for some on camera practice, improve social media/graphic skills.

Hobbies: I love cooking, pure barre, yoga, going to concerts, singing, watching movies, and golfing of course! I’ve waited until senior year to take P.E. so I can take golf.



Jake McGlone | Long-Term Association Intern | Charlotte, NC

My name is Jake McGlone. I am the newest intern here at the CGA. I am really excited about the opportunity and I am looking forward to working with all of you. To share a little bit about myself, I am 24 years old from Charlotte, N.C. I have played golf for the majority of my life including a number of years as a CGA junior and amateur competitor. There is a strong golf influence in my family with both my uncle and grandfather working as journalists in the game for many years. My father is also an avid golfer and is the one who introduced me to the game.
I attended UNC Greensboro and graduated in 2017 with a degree in Communication Studies. I also played on the men’s golf team during my 4 years in Greensboro. Since college I have spent time in the financial world, I have worked at a country club, caddied, and played golf professionally. Now I am excited about beginning my career in golf administration. I am a huge supporter of the game and I love to play. I am motivated to help grow the game and improve it any way possible. Career Goals: In the golf industry. I don’t have a specific area that I am most interested in. I enjoy the game of golf and everything that it brings. I’ve been fortunate to play all my life and in college, so I would like to give back.

Career Goals: I am interested in pursuing a career in golf administration, specifically tournament operations.

Goals for this year:

  • To learn as much as possible about each aspect of the CGA
  • To familiarize myself with the tournament protocol, the rules of golf, and the GHIN handicapping system
  • To create a solid foundation for my future career in golf

Hobbies: Playing golf, listening to a variety of types of music, and watching sports


Brianna Newton | Operations Intern | Fayetteville, NC

Hello everyone! I’m Brianna Newton and I am super excited to be joining the CGA as an Operations Intern this summer! Currently I attended NC State and I will actually be graduating a few months from now in May! My major is Sport Management, and my minor is in History. They might seem like two opposite ends of the spectrum, but I’ve always really enjoyed learning about history and the world around me. I got into Sport Management because I have a huge passion sports whether it’s playing them or watching them. I’ve played golf for as long as I can remember, and I even played in CGA tournaments as a junior golfer. After playing all through high school, I got recruited to play in college. I ended up going to Sandhills Community College over there in Pinehurst where I played two years of junior college golf, which was a really awesome experience. While at Sandhills, I spent some time working in the athletic department, and I also wrote the tournament recaps for the men’s and women’s golf teams which I really enjoyed. For the past few years I’ve been lucky to be able to volunteer as an assistant coach for a girl’s high school golf team. Being able to see them grow as golfers has been really rewarding, and you always hope that something you taught them has made a difference. If I’m not doing something golf related, I love to go skiing, read books, and play the piano. I also love to travel and see new places. And for me, no weekend is ever complete if I’m not watching college football on Saturdays, and NFL (Go Panthers) on Sundays. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and being able to work alongside you all this summer! Career Goals: I am most interested in the communications and media side of golf. As a journalism major with a communications minor, I really enjoy being both behind and in front of the camera as well as holding a pen one hand and social media in the other. Communications and journalism are my strong suits and golf is my passion, so any intersection between the two is a position I would like to work in.

Career Goals: Events and operations side of golf. Anything that deals with behind-the-scenes stuff. Potentially player relations.

Goals for this summer:
Since I do not have experience administering tournaments, I would like to develop those skills to a point where I can take them and use them in my career.
I want to become an even more well-rounded person and develop valuable skills in other areas
Overall, I want to make the most of the internship and get as much out of it as I can

Hobbies: Golf, Skiing, Piano, Reading, Traveling


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