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75th Captain’s Putter Matches tied at 12 heading into Saturday’s singles matches


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By Chris Lang, VSGA

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W. Va. — For the second time, the West Virginia Golf Association played host to the annual Captain’s Putter Matches, and it showcased one of the Mountain State’s great golf gems—The Old White TPC Course at The Greenbrier Resort.

The West Virginia entrants on the Virginias roster for the 75th playing of the Captain’s Putter Matches took the home-state advantage to heart. Seniors Pat Carter and Tim Mount swept two matches while regulars Cam Roam and Chris Williams did the same. Steve Pope won one of two matches with partner Jack Allara of Virginia. In all, the West Virginians accounted for five of the Virginias’ 12 points on Friday, and the matches will head to Saturday’s singles tied at 12 points apiece.

“It is nice to defend our own territory, so to speak,” Carter said. “Overall, the West Virginia teams did very well and represented the Virginias team very well.”

Saturday’s 24 singles matches will decide the outcome of the event as the Virginias look to snap a two-year losing streak to the Carolinas’ squad.

Carter and Mount defeated one of the Carolinas’ most decorated sides in the morning, topping multi-time USGA champion Paul Simson and partner Sherrill Britt 3 and 2 in the morning before defeating Pat Thompson and Todd Hendley 3 and 2 in the afternoon.

“I told Tim that we had a pretty tough opponent today,” Carter said of the morning win. “We drew first blood, and they never won a hole. We were fortunate to cap them on a few putts and keep the momentum on our side.”

Roam and Williams opened with a 2-and-1 win over Jamie Lightsey and Raymond Wooten in the morning before ousting Ryan Reynolds and Daniel Neveu 4 and 3 in an afternoon foursome match.

Carolinas sides to go 2-0 on Friday included Davis Womble and Dan Walters; Chad Wilfong and Robert Lutomsky; and Eddie Hargett and Walter Todd.

Leading the VSGA players was 17-year-old David Stanford and Hermitage Country Club member Ryan Bishop, who rallied late to earn a half point with a tie in foursomes after winning their morning four-ball match convincingly.

Stanford was the finalist in the VSGA Amateur this year. Bishop is another Captain’s Putter rookie who had a strong year, reaching match play at the Amateur.

“You know, I think we both hit it very similar to each other, same distances, same irons, same off the tee,” Bishop said. “And we just had a fun time. It was a fun day in the golf cart.”

Stanford said relished the experience of playing with the older players in this competition.

“I’m just meeting so many new people,” Stanford said. “You hear the names because you play in the tournaments with them. Then to come and be on the same team with them, it’s such a great experience. They’re all so great and so much fun to hang out with. Hopefully, I’ll get to play in this a lot more.”

Also picking up wins for the Virginias team on Friday where Keith Decker and Jon Hurst; Matt Sughrue and Buck Brittain; Jack Allara and Steve Fox; Steve Serrao and Bowen Sargent; and Jordan Utley and Dustin Groves.

“It’s going to be fun tomorrow,” said Virginias’ team member Marshall Tinsley, who earned a half point Friday paired with Tim Pemberton. “Just don’t try to anything crazy. Don’t try to take the hero shot. Just keep everything in front of you.”

Lang is the VSGA’s manager of media and communications.


75th Captain’s Putter Matches

At The Old White TPC Course, White Sulphur Springs, W. Va.

Friday’s four-ball matches

Kyle Bearden/Jordan Sease (C) vs. Mark Lawrence Jr./Peter Gasperini, tied

Chad Wilfong/Robert Lutomski (C) def. Jordan Utley/Dustin Groves, 3 and 2

Davis Womble/Dan Walters (C) def. Blake Carter/Justin Young, 3 and 2

Scott Harvey/Tim Driver (C) def. Philip Reale/Sam O’Dell, 2 and 1

Ryan Bishop/David Stanford (V) def. David Gies/Thomas Owen, 3 and 2

Ryan Reynolds/Daniel Neveu (C) def. Tim Pemberton/Marshall Tinsley, 3 and 2

Pat Carter/Tim Mount (V) def. Paul Simson/Sherrill Britt, 3 and 2

Keith Decker/Jon Hurst (V) def. Pat Thompson/Todd Hendley, 3 and 2

Matt Sughrue/Buck Brittain (V) def. Steve Harwell/Johnny Elam, 2 and 1

Eddie Hargett/Walter Todd (C) def. Steve Serrao/Bowen Sargent, 4 and 3

Jack Allara/Steve Fox (V) def. Evan Long/Tim Pope, 1 up

Cam Roam/Chris Williams (V) def. Jamie Lightsey/Raymond Wooten, 2 and 1

Virginias leads 6½- 5½ after four-ball


Friday’s foursome matches

Simson/Britt (C) def. Decker/Hurst, 5 and 4

Carter/Mount (V) def. Thompson/Hendley, 3 and 2

Serrao/Sargent (V) def. Harwell/Elam, 3 and 1

Hargett/Todd (C) def. Brittain/Sughrue, 2 and 1

Long/Pope (C) def. Allara/Fox, 1 up

Lightsey/Wooten (C) vs. Bishop/Stanford, tied

Utley/Groves (V) def. Bearden/Sease, 1 up

Wilfong/Lutomski (C) def. Lawrence/Gasperini, 1 up

Womble/Walters (C) def. O’Dell/Reale, 3 and 2

Harvey/Driver (C) vs. B. Carter/Young, tied

Gies/Owen (C) vs. Pemberton/Tinsley, tied

Roam/Williams (V) def. Reynolds/Neveu, 4 and 3

Matches tied at 12 after foursomes

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