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Ladies' Play Day TOC Results


Ladies' Four-Ball Play Day Tournament of Champions Results
from Kiawah Island Resort

SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. (December 11, 2020) -- Final results from the Ladies' Four-Ball Play Days Tournament of Champions hosted by Kiawah Island Resort at the Osprey Point Golf Club on December 9, 2020 and the Turtle Point Golf Club on December 10, 2020.

The Ladies' Four-Ball Play Days Tournament of Champions was split over two days, with two flights of tournament of champions teams competing each day. Additionally, there were some non-tournament of champions players who competed at each course. Winners in each flight received gross and net prizes. First place gross and net winners in each flight took home trophies.

Ladies' Four-Ball Play Days are 18-hole events of four-ball stroke play, with prizes given for gross and net winners in each flight. The field is flighted based on the low Handicap Index® of the two partners.


Osprey Point
December 9, 2020

First Flight  
Pos. Players Gross Net
1st Gross Chrissie Spidell + Pam Prescott 70 71
1st Net Vickie Oakes + Kathy Daniels 74 63
2nd Gross Debbie Hockman + Sue McDermott 74 66
2nd Net Laura Rawl + Teddy Stockwell 75 65
3rd Gross Sherry Martell + Sunny Brackin 77 65
3rd Net Brenda Rutledge + Christine Ring 80 66
  Mary Swanger + Holly Paul 78 68
  Jan Boyer + Kay Campbell 79 67
  Beverly Stenzel + Gloria Allen 79 68
  Christine Merrill + Gail Hafley 80 69
  Marti Elliott + Roni Hann 81 71
  Paula Steele + Sue Isaacs 81 71
  Laura Ross + Shawnee Yantorno 81 68
  Christine Marti + TRICIA Hull 86 76
Second Flight  
Pos. Players Gross Net
1st Gross Kim CaraDonna + Leslie Debbas 79 67
1st Net Mindy Schult + Sally Gauntlett 79 61
2nd Gross Kathy Porter + Susan Owens 79 64
2nd Net Barbara Sjodin + Marie Ballard 88 69
3rd Gross Patty Tykal + Ruthie Hille 82 70
3rd Net Carolyn Peterson + Virgene Wildner 90 69
  Diana Agusta + Donna Vignogna 86 71
  Anne Bourne + Jean Peters 87 72
  Carolyn Elsey + Tracie Shelton 89 77
  Aime Richards + Cornelia Neal 90 77
  KC Lorey + Sue Jones 90 75
  Denise Layton + Kelly Loveland 91 76
  Elizabeth Clark + Nancy Brannon 92 71
  Lisa Brunner + Robin Meinrod 92 77
  Donna Richards + Patty Lamothe 95 73
Non-Tournament of Champions Flight    
Pos.  Players Gross Net
1st Gross Lisa Dowling + Andrea Calibeo 75 67
1st Net Doris Fisher + Mary Jones 80 68
2nd Gross Kim Clarke + Julie Shore 75 72
2nd Net Susan Christian + Luke Myers 76 70
  Karin Wu + Sara Thomas 76 71
  Jacqueline Dominguez + Diana Circelli 85 76
  Rhonda Rusch + Beverly Scarborough 86 76
  Julie Christianson + Tamera Elam 87 73
  Cathy Robinson + Jennifer Obrien 89 74


Turtle Point
December 10, 2020

First Flight  
Pos. Players Gross Net
1st Gross Julie Shore + Kim Clarke 72 67
1st Net Cathy Martin + Diane Eberhard 78 68
2nd Gross Kerry Rutan + Lee Burton 72 71
2nd Net Karin Wu + Sara Thomas 76 68
3rd Gross Natalie Huff + Suzann Bartley 73 69
3rd Net Andrea Calibeo + Lisa Dowling 76 69
  Rachel Wyatt + Lea Anne Brown 74 75
  Candice Hohlweg + Diane Head 79 69
  Janis Romeo + Karen Keatley 80 70
  Candy Young + Debbie Hassell 81 70
  Luke Myers + Susan Christian 83 74
  Debra Ford + Linda Mudaro 86 70
  Diana Circelli + Jacqueline Dominguez 90 79
Second Flight  
Pos. Players Gross Net
1st Gross Beverly Scarborough + Rhonda Rusch 80 67
1st Net Garnett Shlafer + Martha Carroll 88 65
2nd Gross Doris Fisher + Mary Jones 81 67
2nd Net Julie Christianson + Tamera Elam 85 68
3rd Gross Denise Puciaty + Karla Hughes 86 70
3rd Net Cathy Robinson + Jennifer Obrien 86 68
  Ann Bradley + Janice Ward 87 75
  Marianne Jones + Paula Martin 88 72
  Leeann Malaussena + Sharon Hawkes 90 75
  Cheryl Lands + Mary Anne Sovesky 91 73
  Diane Miller + PATRICIA Bailey 92 73
  Carolyn Kovash-Nelson + Debi Roud 93 74
  Debra Fleming + Esther Mishoe 96 73
  Lonny Dolin + Nancy Hassid 96 71
Non-Tournament of Champions Flight    
Pos. Players Gross Net
1st Gross Sue McDermott + Debbie Hockman 78 69
1st Net Virgene Wildner + Carolyn Peterson 89 64
2nd Gross Beverly Stenzel + Gloria Allen 81 66
2nd Net Mindy Schult + Sally Gauntlett 86 64
3rd Gross Brenda Rutledge + Christine Ring 81 65
3rd Net Jean Peters + Anne Bourne 86 67
  Teddy Stockwell + Laura Rawl 84 71
  Sue Isaacs + Paula Steele 85 72
  Kay Campbell + Jan Boyer 85 71
  Shawnee Yantorno + Laura Ross 86 70
  Sunny Brackin + Sherry Martell 87 72
  Holly Paul + Mary Swanger 88 76
  TRICIA Hull + Christine Marti 90 74
  Barbara Sjodin + Marie Ballard 93 73
  Kelly Loveland + Denise Layton 97 75
  Elizabeth Clark + Nancy Brannon 102 77


About the Race to the Carolinas Cup and Ladies' Four-Ball Play Days

The Race to the Carolinas Cup is a season-long points competition in which players accumulate points based on team finish and participation in CGA Ladies’ Four-Ball Play Days.

Four-Ball Play Days are ladies-only four-ball (better ball) competitions that are conducted at member clubs across North and South Carolina. Play Days are designed for players of all skill levels and abilities. These events are flighted by low Handicap Index of the two partners and include gross and net prizes. Most events are a shotgun start and all events include lunch.

Every team at every Four-Ball Play Day earns points in the Race to the Carolinas Cup based on their gross or net finish in their respective flight. Each team also receives participation points. Team points will be split between players to apply to each player’s individual standing in the Race to the Carolinas Cup. Players may play with any partner in any of the play days and earn points toward her individual standing. At the end of the Race to the Carolinas Cup regular season, the player with the most points will be named the Race to the Carolinas Cup champion. This award will be given at the year-end Carolinas Cup Tournament. The top 52-ranked teams (combined ranking of the partners) that register for the tournament will gain entrance to the Carolinas Cup Tournament, held at Pinehurst Resort on December 15, 2020. First place gross and net winners in each flight at each Ladies' Four-Ball Play Day will be eligible for the Ladies' Four-Ball Play Days Tournament of Champions, held at Kiawah Island Resort on December 9-10, 2020.

More Information about the Race to the Carolinas Cup

2020 Ladies' Four-Ball Play Days Schedule

About the Carolinas Golf Association (CGA)

The CGA is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational organization that was founded in 1909 to promote and to protect the game of golf in the Carolinas by providing competitions, education, support and benefits to golf clubs and golfers. The CGA is the second largest golf association in the country with over 700 member clubs represented by nearly 150,000 individuals.

The CGA annually conducts 48 championships and five team match competitions for men, women, juniors, and seniors. It also runs over 150 One-Day (net and gross) events as well as qualifying for USGA national championships. The CGA serves golf in the Carolinas with numerous programs such as: the USGA Handicap System; tournament management software and support; course measuring and course/slope ratings; agronomy consultation; answers about the Rules of Golf, Rules of Amateur Status, and Handicapping; Carolinas Golf Magazine; Interclub series; Tarheel Youth Golf Association; Carolinas Golf Hall of Fame; expense assistance for USGA Junior and Girls' Junior qualifiers from the Carolinas; and the Carolinas Golf Foundation (CGF). The CGF has distributed nearly $2,000,000 since 1977 to benefit Carolinas' golf initiatives including junior and women's programs.    

For more information about the CGA, visit our website.



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