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Carolinas Golf House Grand Opening

SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. -- The Carolinas Golf Association has come a long way from the times when the home for its members was literally the home of one of its members. "It was founded in 1909, and through the 50s, it was managed in people's houses," said CGA president Jackson Hughes.

According to Hughes, through the next 40 years, the CGA relocated its operations to various courses in North Carolina. It was headquartered in West End, North Carolina from 1991 until September 29, 2014. On that day, the CGA moved into the Carolinas Golf House in Southern Pines, North Carolina adjacent to the conference center of the Pine Needles Lodge and Golf Club.

Carolinas Golf House Ribbon Cutting
L-R: Charlie Lynch, CGA General Counsel; Gene Spencer, CGA Secretary; Daniel O’Connell, CGA Treasurer;
Jack Nance, CGA Executive Director; Jackson Hughes, CGA President; David McNeill, Southern Pines Mayor;
Richard Dosek, CGA Immediate Past-President; Lawrence Hicks, CGA Vice President;
Kelly Miller, CGA Executive Committee member and Pine Needles CEO.

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The official Grand Opening ceremony took place Saturday, January 31, 2015 (photos and video). The ceremony was held in conjunction with the CGA’s annual meeting and Golf Night, which honors the past year’s champions and Players of the Year.
Hughes said the new 13,000-square foot building signifies the organization's growth. The building in West End offered only 4,200 square feet. "We had people on top of people on top of people," Hughes said. "We'll be much more efficient. We'll have all of our supplies— all the things you need to run a golf tournament— there and not offsite like they used to be."

Hughes said the new building also has room dedicated for a museum. The CGA has collected historical items fit for display, but Hughes said the organization has not yet finalized plans for the gallery.

"Golf has been an important part of the two Carolinas," Hughes said. "We have a great history of golf. This is a building we can all be proud of. It'll take care of our growth for a long time."

About the Carolinas Golf Association and Carolinas Golf Foundation

The Carolinas Golf Association (CGA) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, a regional golf association founded in 1909. The CGA offers membership services to nearly 150,000 golfers at CGA clubs that includes: extensive tournament program for golfers of all ages and ability, an agronomy service, a quarterly magazine mailed only to members, USGA handicapping service, USGA course ratings, Rules of Golf and handicap system education, handicap licensing and certification along with USGA outreach programs.

The Carolinas Golf Foundation (CGF) was formed by the Carolinas Golf Association in 1977 to support Carolinas golf initiatives, turfgrass scholarships, junior golf developmental programs and many other projects. The CGF is funded principally by the Carolinas Golf Association but also by contributions from individual golfers interested in promoting and supporting junior golf, women's golf, turfgrass research and management and many other worthwhile Carolinas projects. According to Internal Revenue Service regulations, the Foundation must generate at least 10 percent of its receipts from golfers who want to give back something to our game. The CGF is also a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization.


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