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CGA Interclub Update 5/28/20

NOTE: All CGA Guidelines and Protocols below must be followed. If it is not possible for your team and club to adhere to the guidelines put forth for safety the CGA will offer full refunds to any clubs that will not be participating in the 2020. Refunds will be given up until June 2nd (final extension). These guidelines and protocols will be adjusted accordingly as both NC & SC officials allow. To date only one team has withdrawn from this year’s competition.

Please carefully read as some policies have been updated (NEW).

In order to ease back into a normal season of competitive golf, we have made some changes to our policies and procedures during tournament play including Interclub Matches. PLEASE COMMUNICATE the FOLLOWING TO YOUR PLAYERS PRIOR to each match:

  • All players must practice social distancing (6 feet from all other people, including players, spectators, club staff, association staff, etc.) at all times. This includes all areas of the host facility (i.e. the parking lot, putting green, practice area, on the golf course, in the scoring area, restrooms, clubhouse (if open), and golf shop (if open)).
  • We recommend teams call and pay in advance to minimize the number of people inside clubhouse.
  • Players should refrain from the traditional hug or handshake before or after your rounds. We recommend a friendly nod, a tip of your cap, or a simple wave is recommended as a form of greeting or sportsmanship.
  • Please bring your own tees, pencils, traditional golf supplies. Please make use of online scoring to avoid passing of scorecards when possible.
  • NEW-Currently clubs must provide each player with their own cart. Players are also allowed to walk. If your club cannot provide single carts, you need to reschedule your matches for a later date. This is a mandatory CGA Policy.
    • Players are allowed 2 golfers to a cart if the host clubs policies allow it. However, single-rider carts must also be available when requested.
    • Walking is allowed.
  • If tournaments are played without bunker rakes, then in all bunkers and sandy areas a player may: Lift the ball, smooth the area, and place it within club length not nearer the hole. The ball must stay in that area.
    • Please discuss this with the opponents as some clubs have returned bunker rakes to the course therefore teams should not utilize this Rule.
    • Players may adjust the flagstick without penalty with their putter if the flagstick is not straight.
  • Under the Rules of Golf, players are permitted to leave the flagstick in the hole while putting. At this time, touching or removing the flagstick is deemed a CGA Code of Conduct violation and is subject to penalty. Touching the flag can be instinctual. Therefore, First Time: Warning (Flag must be replaced before next stroke), Second Time: Loss of Hole to Player not Team).
  • For objects in the hole (pool noodles, plastic piping), your ball must still come to rest in the hole or be at rest below the surface of the green to be considered holed. If your ball pops out of the hole before coming to rest the balls is not considered holed.
  • NEW: In accordance with the state laws the CGA will allow the gathering of teams after the round.  Teams must abide by both the Host Club’s policies and the State’s policies.

REQUIRED: Please email this Liability Waiver link to all players that are participating on your team. Captains are required to confirm with their teams that players have filled it out.

Handicap Indexes will be updated every MONDAY. 

We have been and will continue to work with anyone that calls for help in setting up their “Team Roster” in Golf Genius and/or other GG questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact Chris, Brandon or me for assistance.

Do not forget that each match is worth an additional 2 points this year making it 20 points per Four-Ball Match. Golf Genius will award appropriately but we wanted to remind you!

Our phones will be on at all times this weekend. Chris’s direct line is 910-687-6868.

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