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Results: Ladies' Four-Ball Play Day Croasdaile


Ladies Four-Ball Play Day Results
from Croasdaile Country Club

SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. (August 25, 2017) -- Final results from the Ladies' Four-Ball Play Day hosted by Croasdaile Country Club in Durham, N.C. on Wednesday, August 23, 2017.

104 ladies competed in the four-ball play day at Croasdaile Country Club in Durham, N.C. Each flight received prizes for first and second gross and first, second, and thrid net.

Ladies' Four-Ball Play Days are 18-hole events of four-ball stroke play, with prizes given for gross and net winners in each flight. The field is divided into divisions based on tee preference and flighted based on team Handicap Index®.

All players received points in the Race to the Carolinas Cup, a season-long points competition based on finish and participation in Ladies' Four-Ball Play Days.

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Ladies' Four-Ball Play Day
Croasdaile Country Club
Durham, N.C.
August 23, 2017

  Division A   Gross   Net
1st Gross Angela Stewart, Greenville, NC -- Kim Briele, New Bern, NC  33-37--70   31-36--67
1st Net Susan Beaupied, Pittsboro, NC -- Julie Shore, Raleigh, NC  37-36--73   33-34--67
  Rita Weeks, Pinehurst, NC -- Kendra Muir, Pinehurst, NC  42-37--79   37-34--71
  Peggy Hall, Belmont, NC -- Katherine DeVore, High Point, NC  45-40--85   38-34--72
  Karen Bean, Cary, NC -- Megan Howell, Raleigh, NC  45-42--87   39-38--77
  Division B - First Flight Gross   Net
1st Gross Sunny Han, Durham, NC -- June Lee, Durham, NC  37-35--72   33-31--64
1st Net Pamela Bergquist, Clayton, NC -- Diane Rupert, Raleigh, NC  39-34--73   32-28--60
2nd Gross Lynn Roloff, Greensboro, NC -- Sook Hee Yang, Jamestown, NC  37-36--73   34-33--67
2nd Net Carmen Andia, Whitsett, NC -- Bonnie Montgomery, Jamestown, NC  39-35--74   33-30--63
3rd Net Kit Simpson, Pinehurst, NC -- Paula Fitzpatrick, Pinehurst, NC  37-36--73   32-31--63
  Gigi Ash, Greensboro, NC -- Tess Kirkman, Greensboro, NC  38-37--75   32-32--64
  Ellen Ollett, Sanford, NC -- Barbara Munnett, Winston Salem, NC  38-39--77   32-35--67
  Karen Blanchard, Hillsborough, NC -- Ann Miller, Chapel Hill, NC  39-39--78   32-32--64
  Cathy Garris, Lucama, NC -- Rhonda Williams, Rocky Mount, NC  41-37--78   35-32--67
  Marianne Hedgpeth, Greensboro, NC -- Kelly Whitley, Greensboro, NC  39-41--80   34-36--70
  Jackie Edmunds, Greensboro, NC -- Maria Malone, Greensboro, NC  43-39--82   37-35--72
  Therese St. Peter, Pittsboro, NC -- Donna Sisson, Durham, NC  41-43--84   35-37--72
  Division B - Second Flight Gross   Net
1st Gross Linda McGill, Durham, NC -- Shelly Canals, Raleigh, NC  41-35--76   32-26--58
1st Net Carolyn Lyman, Raleigh, NC -- Denice Short, Raleigh, NC  39-40--79   32-33--65
2nd Gross Irene Green, Cary, NC -- Sally Branson, Cary, NC  41-39--80   37-34--71
2nd Net Donna Gill, Chapel Hill, NC -- Ginny Meihaus, Raleigh, NC  44-40--84   36-32--68
3rd Net Belinda Marley, Burlington, NC -- Sue Lamm-Gurley, Burlington, NC  42-41--83   35-34--69
  Nancy Tope, Holly Springs, NC -- Lilia Rodriguez, Chapel Hill, NC  42-40--82   35-34--69
  Kim Jones, Greensboro, NC -- Tracie Clark, Midland, NC  42-43--85   35-35--70
  Karyn Wilson, Chapel Hill, NC -- Bonnie Short, Chapel Hill, NC  42-44--86   34-38--72
  Lindsey Amerine, Durham, NC -- Amy Higgins, Raleigh, NC  44-44--88   35-35--70
  Donna Vickers, Durham, NC -- Lynn Rohrs, Durham, NC  49-40--89   40-31--71
  Sue Kress, Southern Pines, NC -- Isabelle Daley, Whispering Pines, NC  48-42--90   38-33--71
  Molly Keppler, Chapel Hill, NC -- Marion Horn, Durham, NC  52-42--94   42-33--75
  Division B - Third Flight Gross   Net
1st Gross Patricia Anderson, Pinehurst, NC -- Patty Camp, Southern Pines, NC  40-40--80   29-29--58
1st Net Linda Yankes, Durham, NC -- Barb St Clair, Durham, NC  46-40--86   35-30--65
2nd Gross KC Sorvari, Aberdeen, NC -- Vicki DiSantis, Pinehurst, NC  44-39--83   36-32--68
2nd Net Colleen Witmer, Conover, North Carolina -- Nancy Yancey, Hickory, NC  43-43--86   32-33--65
3rd Net Marie McIntyre, Durham, NC -- Lucy Piner, Hillsborough, NC  44-42--86   34-33--67
  Sandy Dixon, Burlington, NC -- Nancy Cooper, Burlington, NC  39-44--83   32-35--67
  Martha Elliott, West End, NC -- Roni Hann, West End, NC  44-42--86   34-33--67
  Cindy Baker, Claremont, NC -- Jane Sigmon, Newton, NC  43-46--89   33-36--69
  Linda Strohmenger, West End, NC -- Becky Parr, West End, NC  45-44--89   35-33--68
  Donna Boyd, Morrisville, NC -- Shelby Scott, Cary, NC  47-44--91   35-35--70
  Rhonda Brooks, Pinehurst , NC -- Franny Stewart, Pinehurst, NC  47-47--94   37-37--74
  Division B - Fourth Flight Gross   Net
1st Gross Emily Hauslohner, Southern Pines, NC -- Gail Ford, Pinehurst, NC  43-39--82   33-31--64
1st Net Kathy Porter, Durham, NC -- Susan Owens, Durham, NC  42-42--84   31-32--63
2nd Gross Janice Stewart, Pinehurst , NC -- Jean Lawson Peters, Pinehurst, NC 44-40--84   34-31--65
2nd Net Julia Booth, Cary, NC -- Susan Ruffini, Cary, NC  48-47--95   33-33--66
3rd Net Carol Brown, Raleigh, NC -- Mason Nichols, Cary, NC  46-45--91   34-34--68
  Linda Cook, Youngsville, NC -- Mary Ann Carver, Henderson, NC  45-45--90   33-35--68
  Deborah Stossel, Mount Pleasant, SC -- Carter Perry, Hillsborough, NC  50-43--93   38-33--71
  Joan Moore, Eden, NC -- Martha Ore, Madison, NC  47-46--93   38-36--74
  Elaine Simon, Southern Pines, NC -- Anne Bourne, Pinehurst, NC  45-49--94   33-38--71
  Faye Wade, Wendell, NC -- Benjie Fowler, Wendell, NC  48-50--98   38-39--77
  Ann Davis, Durham, NC -- Susan Lamar, Durham, NC  52-49--101   41-38--79


About the Race to the Carolinas Cup and Ladies' Four-Ball Play Days

The Race to the Carolinas Cup is a season-long points competition in which players accumulate points based on team finish and participation in CGA Ladies’ Four-Ball Play Days.

Four-Ball Play Days are ladies-only four-ball (better ball) competitions that are conducted at member clubs across North and South Carolina. Play Days are designed for players of all skill levels and abilities. These events are flighted by team Handicap Index and include gross and net prizes. Players have the option to play in two divisions at different yardages (one of which is always the most forward tees on the golf course). Most events will be a shotgun start and all events will include lunch.

Every team at every Four-Ball Play Day earns points in the Race to the Carolinas Cup based on their gross or net finish in their respective flight. Each team will also receive participation points. Team points will be split between players to apply to each player’s individual standing in the Race to the Carolinas Cup. Players may play with any partner in any of the play days and earn points toward her individual standing. At the end of the Race to the Carolinas Cup regular season, the player with the most points will be named the Race to the Carolinas Cup champion. This award will be given at the year-end Carolinas Cup Tournament. Players in the Top 100 of the Race to the Carolinas Cup standings, as well as each gross and net flight winners at every play day, will be invited to participate in the Carolinas Cup Tournament at Pinehurst Resort (No. 3). Players may compete with any partner that is also eligible for the tournament. The Carolinas Cup Tournament will be held on December 9, 2017 and will include a banquet and luncheon to celebrate the Race to the Carolinas Cup Champion as well as the Carolinas Cup Tournament winners.

More Information about the Race to the Carolinas Cup

2017 Ladies' Four-Ball Play Days Schedule

About the Carolinas Golf Association (CGA)

The CGA is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational organization that was founded in 1909 to promote and to protect the game of golf in the Carolinas by providing competitions, education, support and benefits to golf clubs and golfers. The CGA is the second largest golf association in the country with over 700 member clubs represented by nearly 150,000 individuals.

The CGA annually conducts 48 championships and five team match competitions for men, women, juniors, and seniors. It also runs over 150 One-Day (net and gross) events as well as qualifying for USGA national championships. The CGA serves golf in the Carolinas with numerous programs such as: the USGA Handicap System; tournament management software and support; course measuring and course/slope ratings; agronomy consultation; answers about the Rules of Golf, Rules of Amateur Status, and Handicapping; Carolinas Golf Magazine; Interclub series; Tarheel Youth Golf Association; Carolinas Golf Hall of Fame; expense assistance for USGA Junior and Girls' Junior qualifiers from the Carolinas; and the Carolinas Golf Foundation (CGF). The CGF has distributed nearly $2,000,000 since 1977 to benefit Carolinas' golf initiatives including junior and women's programs.    

For more information about the CGA, visit our website.



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