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2023 CGA/TYGA Rankings Update

Southern Pines- The Carolinas Golf Association (CGA) is proud to announce that its Junior Golf Rankings are updating to a 15-point scale, effective immediately, January 1, 2023. The new ranking system replaces the previous 10-point scale, which has been in use since the inception of the program. The new scale will be used only for events starting in 2023.


The new 15-point scale provides a more comprehensive evaluation of a player's ability, taking into account a wider range of factors such as recent performance, strength of competition, field size and consistency. The new ranking system will give golfers a clearer understanding of their strength against the field and provide a more accurate representation of their skills and potential.


"The Carolinas Golf Association is committed to the growth of junior golfer in the Carolinas the rankings system was designed to help identify the best golfers," said CGA Director of Junior Golf, Chris Zeh. "We believe that the new 15-point scale will help us identify the best players by giving them a more accurate reflection of their skills and progress."


The new ranking system is the result of extensive research and analysis by the CGA, TYGA and SCJGA, and has been tested and refined to ensure its accuracy and fairness. The CGA is confident that the new 15-point scale will be well-received by the junior golf community, and is eager to see the impact it will have on the development and growth of the sport.


For more information on the Carolina Golf Association and its Junior Golf Rankings, please visit the CGA website at

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