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Virginias Defeats Carolinas 25.5-22.5 to Win 68th Captain's Putter Team Matches

LINVILLE, N.C. –– Two evenly-matched teams produced a close final result as the 24-golfer Virginias team notched a three-point victory (25½-22½) at the 68th Captain’s Putter Matches, which concluded today at Grandfather Golf and Country Club.    

Virginias owned of a five-point advantage following first day four-ball and foursome matches, but Carolinas answered to claim singles’ encounters, 13-11. On Saturday’s deciding day, Virginias’ regulars won singles by one point (8½-7½), while Carolinas claimed senior singles’ matches by three points (5½-2½).

Over the two days of matches, Virginias’ regulars outscored their opponents by six points (19-13), while Carolinas’ seniors held a three-point advantage (9½-6½). All told, the three-point margin separating the teams signaled the closest margin of victory for either squad since the event went to a one-point per match format in 2002.

Virginias retained the Captain’s Putter Trophy awarded to the champions and notched its third straight victory in the matches. Virginias three-match victory run marks the second time in the all-time history of the event that Virginias has won three consecutive years, having also accomplished the feat from 2002-04. 

Of the 24 matches on the final day, nine were decided by a 1-up margin and two others were halved. With the matches tied in the closing moments, team-match veteran and seven-time VSGA golfer of the year Keith Decker (Martinsville, Va.) and 26-year-old Richmond-area golfer Ben Beach (Glen Allen, Va.) notched 1-up victories as did former Virginia Tech standout Mikey Moyers, 22, of Stanardsville, Va. (Charlottesville area) to help carry Virginias to the title. Northern Virginian Scott Shingler (Haymarket, Va.) also posted a victory in the late-going.

Carolinas closed the margin thanks, in part, to late wins on the regular side by Pat Thompson (Asheville, N.C.) and Brian Westveer (Charlotte, N.C.), while fellow Charlotte resident Jim Grainger registered a win on the seniors’ side. Westveer and Grainger were each 1-up victors.

With wins on the regular side on the final day, Beach, Shingler, Matt Chandler (Hardy, Va.) and Vincent Nadeau (Gordonsville, Va.) paced Virginias over the two days of play, collecting all of the possible three points available. Also scoring victories for Virginias’ regulars on the final day were Jimmy Delp (Arlington, Va.) and Sam O’Dell (Hurricane, W.Va.)

For Carolinas, Chris Mitchell (Prosperity, S.C.) was a part of recording a team-leading two and a half points for the regulars. Carolinas’ regulars also received wins from Scott Harvey (Greensboro, N.C.), Daniel Claytor (Rocky Mount, N.C.), Steven Brame (Henderson, N.C.) and Sherrill Britt (West End, N.C.).

Virginias went undefeated in Friday’s opening day afternoon four-ball matches, capturing the matches, 7-1 (six wins and two halved encounters). That result would ultimately prove instrumental in the outcome of the event as Virginias built a cushion heading to singles.

On the seniors side, John Long (Centreville, Va.) and Pat Tallent (Vienna, Va.) came away with final-day victories and led the way in the age category for Virginias, returning two points each. For Carolinas’ seniors Grainger and Rick Cloninger (Fort Mill, S.C.) each logged three points. In senior singles’ matches, Andy Congdon (Murrells Inlet, S.C.), James Pearson (Charlotte, N.C.) and Paul Simson (Raleigh, N.C.), a two-time USGA Senior Amateur champion, also produced wins.

Carolinas leads the all-time series 47-20-1, but Virginias owns a 7-5-0 lead dating back to 2002.

LINVILLE, N.C. –– Results following the final day singles matches at the 68th Captain’s Putter Matches The Resort at Grandfather Golf and Country Club on Saturday, Oct. 12.



Scott Harvey (Greensboro, N.C.) def. Justin Young (Roanoke, Va.), 2 and 1; Jimmy Delp (Arlington, Va.) def. J.D. Hoft (Bluffton, S.C.), 3 and 2; Vincent Nadeau (Gordonsville, Va.) def. Rob Simmons (Beaufort, S.C.), 2 and 1; Daniel Claytor (Rocky Mount, N.C.) def. Adam Horton (Chesapeake, Va.), 4 and 3; Steven Brame (Henderson, N.C.) def. Jon Hurst (Fredericksburg, Va.), 2 up; Chris Mitchell (Prosperity, S.C.) def. Philip Reale (Charleston, W.Va.), 1 up; Sam O’Dell (Hurricane, W.Va.) def. Jonathan Jackson (Chapel Hill, N.C.), 1 up; Buck Brittain (Tazewell, Va.) halved Blair Bowland (Burlington, N.C.); Scott Shingler (Haymarket, Va.) def. Matthew Crenshaw (Burlington, N.C.), 1 up; Brian Westveer (Charlotte, N.C.) def. Pat Carter (Huntington, W.Va.), 1 up; Keith Decker (Martinsville, Va.) def. Gary Robinson (Fayetteville, N.C.), 1 up; Mikey Moyers (Stanardsville, Va.) def. Walter Todd Sr. (Laurens, S.C.), 1 up; Sherrill Britt (West End, N.C.) def. Trent Roush (Mason, W.Va.), 2 and 1; Matt Chandler (Hardy, Va.) def. Ron Kirkpatrick (Charlotte, N.C.), 8 and 6; Pat Thompson (Asheville, N.C.) def. Wes Eklund (Charlottesville, Va.), 5 and 3; Ben Beach (Glen Allen, Va.) def. Joe Kastelic (Newton, N.C.), 1 up


Virginias regulars won singles matches, 8½-7½



Rick Cloninger (Fort Mill, S.C.) def. Col. James Gallagher (Ret.) (Yorktown, Va.), 1 up; John Long (Centreville, Va.) def. David Strawn (Charlotte, N.C.), 2 and 1; Andy Congdon (Murrells Inlet, S.C.) def. Bill Jahn (Virginia Beach, Va.), 6 and 4; James Pearson (Charlotte, N.C.) def. Jack Allara (Salem, Va.), 3 and 2; Jim Grainger (Charlotte, N.C.) def. Harold Payne (Hurricane, W.Va.), 1 up; Steve Fox (Vienna, W.Va.) halved Russ Perry (Winston-Salem, N.C.); Pat Tallent (Vienna, Va.) def. Preston Edmondson (Morrisville, N.C.), 5 and 4; Paul Simson (Raleigh, N.C.) def. Tom Grady (Marshall, Va.), 4 and 3

Carolinas seniors won singles matches, 5½-2½  


Carolinas won final-day singles matches, 13-11 


Virginias wins the 68th Captain’s Putter Matches, 25½-22½


First Day Foursome and Four-Ball Results (Friday, Oct. 11)


LINVILLE, N.C. –– Results from the first day of morning foursome matches at the 68th Captain’s Putter Matches at Grandfather Golf and Country Club on Friday, Oct. 11.



Walter Todd Sr. (Laurens, S.C.)-Chris Mitchell (Prosperity, S.C.) def. Jimmy Delp (Arlington, Va.)-Adam Horton (Chesapeake, Va.), 1 up; Ben Beach (Glen Allen, Va.)-Matt Chandler (Hardy, Va.) def. Sherrill Britt (West End, N.C.)-Gary Robinson (Fayetteville, N.C.), 4 and 3; Matthew Crenshaw (Burlington, N.C.)-Blair Bowland (Burlington, N.C.) def. Wes Eklund (Charlottesville, Va.)-Mikey Moyers (Stanardsville, Va.), 4 and 3; Scott Harvey (Greensboro, N.C.)-Rob Simmons (Beaufort, S.C.) def. Pat Carter (Huntington, W.Va.)-Sam O’Dell (Hurricane, W.Va.), 1 up; Brian Westveer (Charlotte, N.C.)-J.D. Hoft (Bluffton, S.C.) def. Keith Decker (Martinsville, Va.)-Jon Hurst (Fredericksburg, Va.), 4 and 3; Philip Reale (Charleston, W.Va.)-Trent Roush (Mason, W.Va.) halved Daniel Claytor (Rocky Mount, N.C.)-Pat Thompson (Asheville, N.C.); Vincent Nadeau (Gordonsville, Va.)-Scott Shingler (Haymarket, Va.) def. Steven Brame (Henderson, N.C.)-Ron Kirkpatrick (Charlotte, N.C.), 3 and 2; Buck Brittain (Tazewell, Va.)-Justin Young (Roanoke, Va.) def. Joe Kastelic (Newton, N.C.)-Jonathan Jackson (Chapel Hill, N.C.), 3 and 2

Carolinas regulars won morning foursome matches, 4½-3½




The two seniors’ teams halved morning foursome matches, 2-2


Carolinas led following first day morning foursome matches, 6½-5½   


LINVILLE, N.C. –– Results from the first day of afternoon four-ball matches at the 68th Captain’s Putter Matches at Grandfather Golf and Country Club on Friday, Oct. 11.



Buck Brittain (Tazewell, Va.)-Justin Young (Roanoke, Va.) def. Daniel Claytor (Rocky Mount, N.C.)-Joe Kastelic (Newton, N.C.), 3 and 2; Vincent Nadeau (Gordonsville, Va.)-Scott Shingler (Haymarket, Va.) def. Ron Kirkpatrick (Charlotte, N.C.)-Jonathan Jackson (Chapel Hill, N.C.), 2 and 1; Ben Beach (Glen Allen, Va.)-Matt Chandler (Hardy, Va.) def. Walter Todd Sr. (Laurens, S.C.)-Gary Robinson (Fayetteville, N.C.), 4 and 3; Jimmy Delp (Arlington, Va.)-Adam Horton (Chesapeake, Va.) halved Chris Mitchell (Prosperity, S.C.)-Sherrill Britt (West End, N.C.); Pat Carter (Huntington, W.Va.)-Sam O’Dell (Hurricane, W.Va.) halved Matthew Crenshaw (Burlington, N.C.)-Blair Bowland (Burlington, N.C.); Wes Eklund (Charlottesville, Va.)-Mikey Moyers (Stanardsville, Va.) def. Scott Harvey (Greensboro, N.C.)-Brian Westveer (Charlotte, N.C.), 5 and 4; Keith Decker (Martinsville, Va.)-Jon Hurst (Fredericksburg, Va.) def. Rob Simmons (Beaufort, S.C.)-J.D. Hoft (Bluffton, S.C.), 10 and 8; Philip Reale (Charleston, W.Va.)-Trent Roush (Mason, W.Va.) def. Pat Thompson (Asheville, N.C.)-Steven Brame (Henderson, N.C.), 2 and 1


Virginias regulars won afternoon four-ball matches, 7-1



Rick Cloninger (Fort Mill, S.C.)-Preston Edmondson (Morrisville, N.C.) def. Steve Fox (Huntington, W.Va.)-Harold Payne (Hurricane, W.Va.), 3 and 1; Jack Allara (Salem, Va.)-Tom Grady (Marshall, Va.) def. Andy Congdon (Murrells Inlet, S.C.)-Russ Perry (Winston-Salem, N.C.), 2 and 1; Jim Grainger (Charlotte, N.C.)-Jim Pearson (Charlotte, N.C.) def. Col. James Gallagher (Ret.) (Yorktown, Va.)-John Long (Centreville, Va.), 5 and 4; Pat Tallent (Vienna, Va.)- Billy Jahn (Virginia Beach, Va.) def. Paul Simson (Raleigh, N.C.)-David Strawn (Charlotte, N.C.)

The two seniors’ teams halved afternoon four-ball matches, 2-2


Virginias led following the first day of foursome and four-ball matches, 14½-9½




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