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Carolinas Rally to Retain Captain's Putter

The winning Carolinas' team poses with the Captain's Putter Trophy.
(Photo courtesy of Virginia State Golf Association)


MANAKIN-SABOT, Va. (October 15, 2016) –  A new streak has begun in the Captain’s Putter Matches.

Buoyed by a dominating performance in Saturday singles, the Carolinas squad rallied from a three-point deficit to defeat the Virginias team 25½-22½ at Kinloch Golf Club and retain the Captain’s Putter.

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The Captain’s Putter Matches pit top amateurs from the Virginia State Golf Association and West Virginia Golf Association against top amateurs from the Carolinas Golf Association, representing both North and South Carolina. The Carolinas won back-to-back Captain’s Putters for the first time since 2009-10 and won on Virginias soil for the first time since 2010.

"The Virginias had gotten the best of us the last several years, so it’s rewarding to get a win on their turf," Carolinas' Joe Jaspers said. The Virginias had won four straight years before the Carolinas snapped that streak with a win in 2015. Jaspers beat Keith Decker 3 and 2 Saturday. "It came down to the wire. It was rewarding to come back and pull out a win."

The Carolinas earned 15 points in 24 singles matches, finishing with 14 wins and two halves. In 14 regulars matches, the Carolinas earned 8½ points. The Carolinas took home 4½ points in six senior singles matches, and the Carolinas swept the two super senior matches.

The youngest player in the field, 17-year-old Nicholas Lyerly of Salisbury, N.C., picked up one of those wins, topping Sam O’Dell of Hurricane, W. Va., 2 and 1 in a tightly contested match. Earlier this year, Lyerly became the youngest player ever to win the North Carolina Amateur.

Lyerly, a high-school senior who will play college golf at UNC Greensboro, went 1-1-1 this weekend.

"First of all, it was a great experience, something new," Lyerly said. "It was really exciting to represent the Carolinas. I just wanted to at least pick up a couple of points for them, so that way, they wouldn’t regret picking me."

Story courtesy of Chris Lang, Editor of Virginia Golfer Magazine and Manager, Digital Media for the VSGA.

71st Captain’s Putter Matches
Kinloch Golf Club, Manakin-Sabot
Par 72, 7,304 yards

Friday morning four-ball results

Steve Harwell/Joe Jaspers (C) def. Keith Decker/Jon Hurst, 3 and 2

Buck Brittain/Matt Chandler (V) def. Parker Dudley/Daniel Neveu, 1 up

Jarrett Grimes/Austin Zoller (C) def. Phillip Reale/Tad Tomblin, 4 and 3

Kyle Bailey/Vincent Nadeau (V) def. Matthew Crenshaw/Paul Tucker, 1 up

Scott Shingler/Justin Young (V) def. Tyler Lucas/Justin Tereshko, 1 up

Nicholas Lyerly/Kevin O’Connell (C) vs. Pat Carter/Sam O’Dell, halved

Adam Horton/Jeffrey Long (V) def. David Gies II/Scott Harvey, 3 and 2

Steve Liebler/Walter Todd (C) vs. James Gallagher/Mike Krulich, halved

Dave Pulk/Leon Roday (V) def. Russ Perry/Pat Thompson, 3 and 2

Jim Grainger/Jim Pearson (C) def. Rick Moore/Harold Payne, 3 and 2

Matthew Sughrue/Patrick Tallent (V) def. Preston Edmondson/Paul Simson, 2 up

Ed Byman/Raymond Davis (C) def. Vinny Giles/Charles Green III, 2 and 1

Virginias led 7-5 after four-ball matches

Friday afternoon foursome results

Decker/Hurst (V) def. Dudley/Neveu, 1 up

Brittain/Chandler (V) def. Harwell/Jaspers, 2 and 1

Crenshaw/Tucker (C) def. Reale/Tomblin, 3 and 2

Bailey/Nadeau (V) def. Grimes/Zoller, 4 and 3

Shingler/Young (V) def. Lyerly/O’Connell, 2 and 1

Gies/Harvey (C) def. Carter/O'Dell, 2 and 1

Lucas/Tereshko (C) def. Horton/Long, 2 and 1

Gallagher/Krulich (V) def. Perry/Thompson, 6 and 5

Liebler/Todd (C) def. Pulk/Roday, 3 and 1

Edmondson/Simson (C) def. Moore/Payne, 5 and 4

Grainger/Pearson (C) vs. Sughrue/Tallent, halved

Giles/Green (V) def. Byman/Davis, 2 and 1

Virginias led 13½-10½ after foursome matches

Saturday’s singles results

Tereshko (C) def. Bailey, 2 and 1

Dudley (C) vs. Horton, halved

Long (V) def. Zoller, 2 and 1

Grimes (C) def. Tomblin, 3 and 2

Harvey (C) def. Chandler, 6 and 5

Harwell (C) def. Reale, 1 up

Nadeau (V) def. Lucas, 2 and 1

Carter (V) def. Gies, 3 and 2

Jaspers (C) def. Decker, 3 and 2

Lyerly (C) def. O’Dell, 2 and 1

O’Connell (C) def. Young, 6 and 5

Neveu (C) def. Brittain, 1 up

Hurst (V) def. Tucker, 2 and 1

Shingler (V) def. Crenshaw, 6 and 4

Simson (C) def. Pulk, 1 up

Edmondson (C) vs. Roday, halved

Grainger (C) def. Moore, 3 and 2

Payne (V) def. Pearson, 1 up

Davis (C) def. Giles, 1 up

Byman (C) def. Green, 1 up

Perry (C) def. Krulich, 2 and 1

Gallagher (V) def. Todd, 2 and 1

Sughrue (V) def. Liebler, 2 and 1

Thompson (C) def. Tallent, 2 and 1

Carolinas wins Captain’s Putter, 25½-22½


About the Captain's Putter Team Matches

The Captain’s Putter is an annual set of matches pitting top golfers from North and South Carolina against top players from Virginia and West Virginia (Virginia State Golf Association and West Virginia State Golf Association). The matches consist of two days of competition, with opening round four-ball and foursome matches (Friday, Oct. 14), followed by final-day singles matches (Saturday, Oct. 15). A victory in each match scores one point in the Ryder Cup-style format, and if a match goes 18 holes without a decision, one-half point is awarded to each side.

About the Carolinas Golf Association (CGA)

The CGA is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational organization that was founded in 1909 to promote and to protect the game of golf in the Carolinas by providing competitions, education, support and benefits to golf clubs and golfers. The CGA is the second largest golf association in the country with over 700 member clubs represented by nearly 150,000 individuals.

The CGA annually conducts 43 championships and five team match competitions for men, women, juniors, and seniors. It also runs over 140 One-Day (net and gross) events and qualifying for USGA national championships. The CGA serves golf in the Carolinas with numerous programs such as: the USGA Handicap System; tournament management software and support; course measuring and course/slope ratings; agronomy consultation; answers about the Rules of Golf, Rules of Amateur Status, and Handicapping; Carolinas Golf Magazine; Interclub series; Tarheel Youth Golf Association; Carolinas Golf Hall of Fame; expense assistance for USGA Junior and Girls' Junior qualifiers from the Carolinas; and the Carolinas Golf Foundation (CGF). The CGF has distributed more than $1,500,000 since 1977 to benefit Carolinas' golf initiatives including junior and women's programs.    

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