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GHIN Handicap Score Posting is Now Available

Welcome to GHIN ® !

The Carolinas Golf Association's conversion to the GHIN Handicap Service has been completed. We appreciate your patience during the conversion process.

Your GHIN number is available by contacting your club's golf professional staff or handicap committee. This is your unique identifier, not only at your home club and all clubs in the Carolinas, but a t any of the 12,000 clubs that use the GHIN service nationally. With the completion of the conversion, score posting is now available.

Score Posting Options

Posting-Screen-300x250 * Club Kiosk: When posting scores at a CGA Member Club's kiosk, you will have the ability to post by name, club local number or using your unique GHIN number. To post at the course where your handicap record is kept, click on Club Member Score Posting then follow the prompts. If you are a guest at a facility, click on Guest & IGN Score Posting. Follow the prompts on the screen to enter your GHIN Number or Last Name, select the course played, select 9 or 18 Hole score posting and corresponding tees played, and enter your ESC score. On the final screen you can change to a different Date played or score Type (Tournament, Away or Home) or make any other corrections before the score is entered into your handicap record. Once you select Post Score, the score is recorded into your scoring record. If the score needs to be changed, your club handicap committee or official will need to process the request. 

*CGA Website: Post scores online at 

*eGolfer: Create a free MyCGA/eGolfer account to receive handicap eRevision email on the 1st and 15th of each month, post scores including round statistics, photo album, news from USGA, CGA and national golf outlets.

*Mobile App: Download the FREE CGA Mobile App available for iPhone and Android smartphones. Search for "GHIN" at iTunes or Google Play. Other app features include handicap scoring information, tournament registration, course handicaps, association news and social media feeds. 

Please make sure you record any scores since December 1, 2012 into your handicap file prior to Monday, January 14, 2013 so that your Handicap Index is as accurate as possible for the January 15 revision.

*Club kiosk, online and mobile app score posting must be allowed by your member club.

Tournament Registration

Tournament participants must set-up a separate TPP Online Golfer account in addition to an eGolfer account to register for CGA tournaments. You may use the same Username and Password if they are available.

Already Have a GHIN Number?

If you already have an active GHIN number at another GHIN golf association and have been issued a second GHIN number for your club membership here in the Carolinas, please let us know so that we can merge the files into one number (a rule of the USGA Handicap System). Just let us know which number you want to keep by completing this Webform!


If you have any problems or questions, please contact your club golf professional, handicap chair or the Carolinas GHIN Support Department (email:

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