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GHIN Mobile App – New Release for Android

GHIN is pleased to announce that the latest version of the GHIN Mobile App for Android has moved out of the testing phase and is posted to the Google Play Store.  While the functionality of the application mirrors the iOS version released in late April, the most noticeable changes come in the more standardized and streamlined user interface.

The GHIN Mobile app now utilizes the standard Android Action Bar and uses swipe-able tab views to navigate the app.  We believe that the user experience will be greatly enhanced with these changes as it now functions like many other leading apps in the marketplace.  We hope you and your membership enjoy the updated and more streamlined look and feel of the GHIN Mobile app!

Below is a list of the available functionality that accommodates this release:
The look and feel is improved with updated controls and smoother page transitions.
Users can set up and manage a list of Favorite Courses via the Settings page.  Favorite Courses can be selected during score posting and course handicap calculations.
Users can set up and manage a list of playing Partners via the Settings page.  Users select from Partners when calculating partner handicaps and can also select a Partner when viewing scoring stats.  On the Stats page tap on the golfer’s name to select a Partner and see stats for that Partner.
The Partner Handicaps page has been redesigned and is much simpler.  Course handicaps can now be calculated for up to 5 partners and the app remembers those partners from session to session.  The entire process of adding partners for a match and selecting a course and tee is now managed from one page.
Tournament registration now passes username and password on to TPP Online, so that an app user is logged in to the tournament registration site.
The app is Trend Handicap-enabled.  Both the Android and iOS app display properly the golfer’s Trend Index in addition to their Handicap Index on each Stats page.

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