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Final Results of U.S. Women's Open Sectional Qualifying

Sanford , NC – Final results of the U.S. Women’s Open Sectional Qualifying held at Carolina Trace Country Club (Lake) on Thursday, May 30, 2013.  Par 36-36—72  6493 yards 77.6/140.

78 players tried their luck today at the U.S. Women’s Open sectional qualifier but only three spots were available.  Patcharajuta Kongkraphan of Thailand shot a two under par round of 71-71--142 to take medalist honors.  This will be her first trip to the U.S. Women’s Open.  Tiffany Tavee of Tempe, AZ and Christine Song of Maryville, TN captured the last two spots for the championship which will be held June 27-30, 2013 at Sebonack Golf Club in Southhampton, NY.  Song, 20, earned the last spot on the first playoff hole with a par.  This will be Song’s first visit to the Open as well.

15-year-old Lauren Stephenson of Lexington, SC captured low amateur honors with a 76-71--147.  The low round of the tournament goes to Katelyn Dambaugh of Goose Creek, SC who carded six birdies during her second round.  Dambaugh fired an impressive 3 under par 69--148 but finished one shot shy of getting herself in to the playoff.  Players had to complete 36 holes in one day.

This sectional qualifier was conducted by the Carolinas Golf Association (CGA) on behalf of the United States Golf Association (USGA).  For more information about the respective associations and the history of the championship please visit or

Final Results


Patcharajutar Kongkraphan , Thailand                                      71-71--142  (-2)

Tiffany Tavee, Tempe, Ariz.                                                    76-70--146  (+2)

Chris tine Song, Maryville, Tenn.                                             72-75--147  (+3)


1st - Lauren Stephenson, Lexington, S.C.                                76-71--147  (+3)

2nd - Nannette Hill, Pelham Manor, N.Y.                                  72-75--147  (+3)


Place        Competitor                                                         Score

  1             Patcharajutar Kongkraphan, Thailand                     71-71--142  (-2)

  2             Tiffany Tavee, Tempe, Ariz.                                   76-70--146  (+2)

  T3           Nannette Hill, Pelham Manor, N.Y.                        72-75--147  (+3)

  T3           Christine Song, Maryville, Tenn.                             72-75--147  (+3)

  T3           Lauren Stephenson, Lexington, S.C.                      76-71--147  (+3)

  T6           Katelyn Dambaugh, Goose Creek, S.C.                 79-69--148  (+4)

  T6           Emilie Burger, Hoschton, Ga.                                72-76--148  (+4)

  8             Min Seo Kwak, Korea                                           75-74--149  (+5)

  T9           Bailey Tardy, Norcross, Ga.                                  78-72--150  (+6)

  T9           Janie Jackson, Huntsville, Ala.                              76-74--150  (+6)

  T11         Samantha Wagner, Windermere, Fla.                    75-76--151  (+7)

  T11         Laura Wearn, Charlotte, N.C.                                75-76--151  (+7)

  T11         Lucia Polo, Greensboro, N.C.                                76-75--151  (+7)

  T11         Jean Chua, Malaysia                                            73-78--151  (+7)

  T15         Aimee Neff, Carmel, Ind.                                       77-75--152  (+8)

  T15         Kendall Martindale, Jefferson City, Tenn.                78-74--152  (+8)

  T15         Gloriana Soto, Costa Rica                                     72-80--152  (+8)

  T18         Lori Beth Adams, Burlington, N.C.                         80-74--154  (+10)

  T18         Shasta Averyhardt, Flint, Mich.                              77-77--154  (+10)

  T18         Rinko Mitsunaga, Roswell, Ga.                              77-77--154  (+10)

  T18         Meredith Swanson, Roanoke, Va.                          78-76--154  (+10)

  T22         Allie Knight, Knoxville, Tenn.                                 76-79--155  (+11)

  T22         Emily Brooks, Chapel Hill, N.C.                             77-78--155  (+11)

  T24         Kelli Murphy, Elgin, S.C.                                       77-79--156  (+12)

  T24         Jessica Alexander, Riverview, Fla.                         78-78--156  (+12)

  T24         Ashleigh Albrecht, Lexington, Ky.                          77-79--156  (+12)

  T27         Katherine Perry, Cary, N.C.                                   76-81--157  (+13)

  T27         Mesha Levister, Louisburg, N.C.                            78-79--157  (+13)

  T27         Mary Mattson, Durham, N.C.                                 80-77--157  (+13)

  T30         Sarah Bae, Cary, N.C.                                          79-79--158  (+14)

  T30         Amy Eneroth, Spokane, Wash.                             82-76--158  (+14)

  T30         LisbethBrooks, Waunakee, Wis.                          78-80--158  (+14)

  T33         Abby Bools, Hickory, N.C.                                    78-81--159  (+15)

  T33         Sydney Needham, Villa Rica, Ga.                          80-79--159  (+15)

  35           Lisa Shervill, England                                           78-82--160  (+16)

  36           Kristin Hearp, Salem, Va.                                     81-80--161  (+17)

  T37         Rei Nakatani, Japan                                             79-83--162  (+18)

  T37         Cecily Overbey, High Point, N.C.                           82-80--162  (+18)

  T39         Amira Alexander, Alpharetta, Ga.                          83-80--163  (+19)

  T39         Carling Nolan, Middletown, Ohio                            78-85--163  (+19)

  T39         Katy Funk, Spartanburg, S.C.                               84-79--163  (+19)

  T39         Christabel Goh, Singapore                                    82-81--163  (+19)

  T39         Rachel Moore, Lexington, S.C.                              82-81--163  (+19)

  T44         Courtney McKim, Raleigh, N.C.                             83-81--164  (+20)

  T44         Louise Oxner, Greenville, S.C.                               81-83--164  (+20)

  T46         Katie Rose Higgins, Charleston, S.C.                     86-79--165  (+21)

  T46         Mary Chandler Bryan, Chapin, S.C.                       80-85--165  (+21)

  T48         Gabrielle Weiss, Southern Pines, N.C.                   85-81--166  (+22)

  T48         Charlaine Hirst, Pinehurst, N.C.                             81-85--166  (+22)

  T50         Caroline Ellington, New Bern, N.C.                         79-89--168  (+24)

  T50         Maia Schechter, Takoma Park, Md.                       81-87--168  (+24)

  T50         Morgan Webber, Spartanburg, S.C.                       83-85--168  (+24)

  T50         Sofia Gorelik, Argentina                                        82-86--168  (+24)

  T54         Siranon Shoomee, Sanford, N.C.                           84-85--169  (+25)

  T54         Kelsey Badmaev, Blythewood, S.C.                       81-88--169  (+25)

  56           Jamie Ford, Concord, N.C.                                    85-85--170  (+26)

  57           Evelyn Dole, Raleigh, N.C.                                    86-85--171  (+27)

  T58         Taylor Dodson, Aiken, S.C.                                   84-88--172  (+28)

  T58         Mia Zanghetti, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.                 90-82--172  (+28)

  60           Emiley Pagrabs, Wilmington, N.C.                         90-83--173  (+29)

  61           Nicole Keyser, Cary, N.C.                                     91-85--176  (+32)

  62           Madison Moosa, Charlotte, N.C.                            90-89--179  (+35)

  63           Erica Gonzalez, Davie, Fla.                                   87-94--181  (+37)

  T64         Taelor Rubin, Raleigh, N.C.                                   81-WD--WD  (WD)

  T64         Sarah Almond, Albemarle, N.C.                             79-WD--WD   (WD)

  T64         AmberleeBrooks, Brentwood, Tenn.                      104-WD--WD  (WD)

  T64         Collins Bradshaw, Columbia, S.C.                         88-WD--WD  (WD)

  T64         Samantha Buchanan, Bluffton, S.C.                       83-WD--WD  (WD)

  T64         Carmen Bandea, JohnsCreek, Ga.                        79-WD--WD  (WD)

  T64         Rebekah Gawinski, Warner Robins, Ga.                 85-WD--WD  (WD)

  T64         Lauren Hunt, North Myrtle Beach, S.C.                  87-WD--WD  (WD)

  T64         Clarissa Childs, Columbia, S.C.                             81-WD--WD  (WD)

  T73         Rhea Bhatia, Wake Forrest, N.C.                          WD  (WD)

  T73         Mary-Katelyn Holanek, Cary, N.C.                         WD  (WD)

  T73         Emee Herbert, JohnsCreek, Ga.                           WD  (WD)

  T73         Ceha Lee, Bluffton, S.C.                                       WD  (WD)

  T73         Elizabeth Brightwell, Nellysford, Va.                       WD  (WD)

  T73         Laetitia Beck, Israel                                              WD  (WD)




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